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Power Animal Rock

The Power Animal Rock is approximately 3.5 to 4 inches wide.  It has been engraved as shown here, with the image of your power animal as well as the primary characteristics it brings you.   Keep it in a prominent place to remind you to avail yourself of these gifts.  Put your hand on it and breathe in deeply before potentially difficult encounters.  Let it help you remember how powerful you truly are. 


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Power Animal Invocation

The Power Animal Invocation is approximately 5 minutes long, short enough to allow you to easily fit it into your life, yet long enough to be highly effective.  It begins by clearing your energy to allow the power animal energy to enter you and then invites (invokes) the spirit of your power animal to fill you completely.  Listen to it each morning, while holding your Power Animal Rock or Crystal.  Load it into your iPOD and listen to it just before that challenging meeting.  Click here to listen to samples from a Power Animal Invocation.


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Power Animal Crystal

The Power Animal Crystal is approximately 2 inches wide and is made of quartz crystal.  It is engraved with the power animal's energy symbol, which is the power animal metaphor taken to the most abstract and highest energy level.  Carrie Hart personally infused your crystal with the energy of the power animal during an energy-transfer ceremony.  Allow it to lift you to levels of power you have previously not even imagined.  Click here to see a photograph of a Power Animal Crystal.


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