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Receive Power Animal Messages!


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Squirrel PDF

The PDF with photograph and description will remind you that your Power Animal's energy is always within you.

  $0.99 for PDF

Squirrel Invocation

The recorded (MP3) invocation clears your field and then invokes the Power Animal energy to be one with you.

  $1.99 for Invocation

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Abundance          Joy          Resourcefulness

Take a deep breath and let the spirit of Squirrel fill you.  Click here to Listen to Squirrel's Song.


Your money worries are over, for Squirrel will teach you how to manage your resources.  With Squirrel power within you, you will find it natural and easy to set aside money for those future projects and to provide for yourself during slower times from the money you saved during flush times.  Your financial acuity will increase as you find yourself developing new habits.


But Squirrel is no stranger to fun.  You will find you can handle money easily and then spend the remainder of your daytime hours scampering up a tree and chirping to your fellows.  Squirrel knows how to balance enjoyment of the lovely summer’s day with doing what needs to be done to provide for the coming winter.


Squirrel will infuse you with this spirit of the seasons, helping you to enjoy each one, providing amply for yourself and your loved ones no matter what life brings.


Squirrel also brings the gifts of persistence, resourcefulness and tenacity.  When he sees what he wants, he finds a way to get it. 


What a relief it will be to have these strengths come easily to you, just by breathing in Squirrel energy and putting an awareness before you of different ways to live, enjoying today as fully as possible, while also setting aside for tomorrow.


 Squirrel Energy Stone

The Squirrel Energy Stone is not only beautiful, but is full of powerful Squirrel energy.  Each stone was hand-engraved in the United States with the image of the Squirrel and its primary characteristics.   Keep the Squirrel Energy Stone in a prominent place to remind you of how powerful you truly are.  Just put your hand on it and breathe in to fill yourself with the energy of the Squirrel.


"I have personally performed an energy-transfer ceremony on each Power Animal Energy Stone. 

It holds the vibrant energy of the power animal to refill and refresh your own."  Carrie Hart


Please note that these are natural stones and so vary in size, shape and color -- no two are alike.  They are large stones, approximately 3.5 - 4 inches in diameter and weighing about 1 - 1.5 pounds.  We will select just the right stone for you.  

$28 for Squirrel Energy Stone, plus shipping and handling


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Squirrel Ringtone

Listen to the Squirrel Song each time your cell phone rings!

The ringtones for each animal on this site are available in iTunes.  The easiest way to locate them is to search for “Carrie Hart” and the name of the animal.  For example, a search on “Carrie Hart Squirrel” will take you right to the wonderful song that is played on this page.

Click here for more detailed iphone instructions.