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Buck PDF

The PDF with photograph and description will remind you that your Power Animal's energy is always within you.

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Buck Invocation

The recorded (MP3) invocation clears your field and then invokes the Power Animal energy to be one with you.

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Grace          Confidence          Renewal

Take a deep breath and let the spirit of Buck fill you.  Click here to Listen to Buck's Song .


What beauty and majesty are yours, as you survey your world wearing a natural crown.  Hold your head high and walk in grace and confidence.  Feel yourself filling with the courage to stand up for what is yours.  You are Buck.


Highly athletic, able to leap, run and swim with ease, Buck will make you comfortable with your body.  Exercise will become an easy and natural part of your life as you feel this physical power pouring into you.  Bound through the forest of your life with ease, for you are Buck.


Buck is deeply aware of the seasons and adapts to all of them.  He will teach you to keep going through the storms of winter, filled with the joy of being who you are, until the green blades of grass again poke through the melting snow.  When the world seems cold, fill yourself with his sure knowledge that spring will always come again. 


He will also teach you how to renew your energy and power, just as he regrows his antlers each season.  If you feel weakened by the challenges of life, breathe in his energy and feel the velvety antlers sprouting as your power returns in full.  Then lift up your chin and show the world who you are, the beautiful and majestic Buck.


Buck Ringtone

Listen to the Buck Song each time your cell phone rings!

The ringtones for each animal on this site are available in iTunes.  The easiest way to locate them is to search for “Carrie Hart” and the name of the animal.  For example, a search on “Carrie Hart Buck” will take you right to the wonderful song that is played on this page.

Click here for more detailed iphone instructions.

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