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Cougar PDF

The PDF with photograph and description will remind you that your Power Animal's energy is always within you.

  $0.99 for PDF

Cougar Invocation

The recorded (MP3) invocation clears your field and then invokes the Power Animal energy to be one with you.

  $1.99 for Invocation

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Fitness          Focus          Success

Take a deep breath and let the spirit of Cougar fill you.  Click here to Listen to Cougar's Song.


Feel the power, the athleticism, of Cougar.  Feel how your body naturally wants to be trim and strong, healthy and active.   Feel how your spiritual, mental and physical intentions are one and the same, all a balanced part of the full expression of your powerful nature.


Cougar will also bring you abundance, for he will teach you how to go after what you desire and bring it home.  He is a highly successful hunter, able to pursue prey seven times his weight with almost uncanny success.  And he will help you apply this ability to your life, to make the right decisions and choices, all leading to great success and abundance.  No goal is too lofty nor tree too high to climb, for you are the Cougar.


Cougar preserves his power for the hunt; he avoids fighting unless his family is threatened.  He will teach you how to focus your energies on what truly counts in your life, not spread yourself too thin, fighting over what is of no real consequence. 


Fit and energetic, focused and successful, is Cougar.  And you are Cougar.


Cougar Ringtone

Listen to the Cougar Song each time your cell phone rings!

The ringtones for each animal on this site are available in iTunes.  The easiest way to locate them is to search for “Carrie Hart” and the name of the animal.  For example, a search on “Carrie Hart Cougar” will take you right to the wonderful song that is played on this page.

Click here for more detailed iphone instructions.

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