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Giraffe PDF

The PDF with photograph and description will remind you that your Power Animal's energy is always within you.

  $0.99 for PDF

Giraffe Invocation

The recorded (MP3) invocation clears your field and then invokes the Power Animal energy to be one with you.

  $1.99 for Invocation

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Uniqueness          Foresight          Self-Acceptance

Take a deep breath and let the spirit of Giraffe fill you.  Click here to Listen to Giraffe's Song.


Welcome the great powers of Giraffe into your life, for she will be of great help to you.


First and foremost, Giraffe loves her body.  She loves that she is unique in all the world and she knows and owns her beauty.  She does not waste a single minute in wishing she were anything other than what she is, just as she is.  Let her teach you this love of your own body, even though you are, of course, not like everyone else. 


Giraffe will also give you the gift of foresight, for her height lets her see what is coming from great distances.  Nothing catches her by surprise, for she can see not only what is heading her way, but can run as fast as the wind if she does not like what she sees.  Learn from her to intuitively sense what is coming.  Just breathe in Giraffe Spirit before you make any major decisions and she will help you to see what is on its way to you.  What you see may be too far away for others to see, but you are Giraffe.


Giraffe will also bring you the gift of camouflage, her spots blending in with the hillside and her long neck with the tree tops themselves.  With her energy within you, you will be able to find ways to maintain your own uniqueness while sharing the world with others.  Her highly social nature will help you find the right balance between being exactly who you are, shining out with your wonder, while also fitting in with the group when you care to. 


You are all of this:  unique, yet socially adept; far-seeing and intuitive; and completely comfortable with your physical self.  How blessed you are to be Giraffe!


 Giraffe Energy Stone

The Giraffe Energy Stone is not only beautiful, but is full of powerful Giraffe energy.  Each stone was hand-engraved in the United States with the image of the Giraffe and its primary characteristics.   Keep the Giraffe Energy Stone in a prominent place to remind you of how powerful you truly are.  Just put your hand on it and breathe in to fill yourself with the energy of the Giraffe.


"I have personally performed an energy-transfer ceremony on each Power Animal Energy Stone. 

It holds the vibrant energy of the power animal to refill and refresh your own."  Carrie Hart


Please note that these are natural stones and so vary in size, shape and color -- no two are alike.  They are large stones, approximately 3.5 - 4 inches in diameter and weighing about 1 - 1.5 pounds.  We will select just the right stone for you.  

$28 for Giraffe Energy Stone, plus shipping and handling


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Giraffe Ringtone

Listen to the Giraffe Song each time your cell phone rings!

The ringtones for each animal on this site are available in iTunes.  The easiest way to locate them is to search for “Carrie Hart” and the name of the animal.  For example, a search on “Carrie Hart Giraffe” will take you right to the wonderful song that is played on this page.

Click here for more detailed iphone instructions.

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