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Horse PDF

The PDF with photograph and description will remind you that your Power Animal's energy is always within you.

  $0.99 for PDF

Horse Invocation

The recorded (MP3) Invocation clears your field and then invokes the Power Animal energy to be one with you.

  $1.99 for Invocation

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Freedom          Balance          Abundance


Take a deep breath and let the spirit of Horse fill you. Click here to Listen to the Horse's Song .



You are most fortunate to have Horse spirit within you, for she has many things to teach you and many blessings to share. 


Horse will show you how to balance your caring nature and deep love for others with your equally deep need for freedom and independence. 


There will be days when she shows you how to relax fully, first rubbing against your loved ones, then just standing in the shade of the tree and munching the apples as they fall.  Abundance will be yours, as she teaches you that a peaceful and centered life provides what is needed, like apples falling from a tree on a perfect summer’s day.


And when you ask, she will take you for a ride, as you run like the wind, faster and faster, until finally, like Pegasus, she sprouts wings, soars into the air and allows your soul to fly free.  She will lift you to the heavens and reveal to you there your own highest self.


And through it all, she will show you how to stay deeply centered in the moment.  She will teach you to live without worry or regret, your heart free of blame.  Breathe in her spirit and she will bring you fully into this moment and all that it contains, where you can balance beauty and duty, freedom and togetherness, all in perfect joy and harmony. 


What a blessing to be Horse!

Horse Energy Stone

The Horse Energy Stone is not only beautiful, but is full of powerful horse energy.  Each stone was hand-engraved in the United States with the image of the horse and its primary characteristics.   Keep the Horse Energy Stone in a prominent place to remind you of how powerful you truly are.  Just p ut your hand on it and breathe in to fill yourself with the energy of the horse.


"I have personally performed an energy-transfer ceremony on each Power Animal Energy Stone. 

It holds the vibrant energy of the power animal to refill and refresh your own."  Carrie Hart


Please note that these are natural stones and so vary in size, shape and color -- no two are alike.  They are approximately 3.5 - 4 inches in diameter and weigh about 1 - 1.5 pounds.  We will select just the right stone for you.  


$28 for Horse Energy Stone, plus shipping and handling


Click to see a larger image

Horse Ringtone

Listen to the Horse Song each time your cell phone rings!

The ringtones for each animal on this site are available in iTunes.  The easiest way to locate them is to search for “Carrie Hart” and the name of the animal.  For example, a search on “Carrie Hart Horse” will take you right to the wonderful song that is played on this page.

Click here for more detailed iphone instructions.

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