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You are invited now to slip through the veil of time and see your life

after you have become one with the magnificent lion.


Here, come here, into the blazing sun of deepest Africa.  Feel your muscles ripple as you climb up this outcropping of rock to lie down.  Let the dry heat from the rock relax your powerful body as you gaze out upon your kingdom, the great plains stretching as far as the eye can see.  You rule it all, for you are the lion.



Self-Love and Confidence

As a lion, you are proud of who you are, exactly as you are.  You walk with your head high held high, knowing that you are exactly right in every circumstance.  You speak little, but when you do it is with authority and conviction.  And once in a while, just so that others know you can, you let out a resounding roar.  You are confidence and well-earned pride, for you are the lion.



Leadership and Command

Leadership comes naturally to you, for you carry yourself with such presence that others look to you for guidance.  You command respect simply by being there.  You know that you are meant to lead, for it comes naturally and easily to you.  Because the mantel of leadership rests so easily upon you, you are able to take the top position without posing.  You treat others with the dignity that you know is your own due as well.  You epitomize quiet and calm command, for you are the lion.




You do not chase after trouble, but when it comes your way, you are full of courage.  You never back down from your rightful position, but instead stand up for what you know is right.  You have a strong sense of personal truth and honor and do not hesitate to defend it.  Your presence is such that merely pulling yourself together and giving your head a toss will often cause others to retreat.  But if not, you are well able to move forward and demand your due.  Your courage is true and your heart is great, for you are the lion.




You are very close to your loved ones and it is from them that you draw much of your strength.  You have a fierce loyalty to those who fall under your protection and will do anything to make sure that they are treated with respect and are given what they have earned.  On their part, they return this loving respect and allow you to live in great harmony, with everyone understanding their different roles and playing them easily and naturally.  You seem to just understand how the group should interact and how to lead others through example into a quiet harmony and teamwork.  You are the leader of a smoothly functioning, highly efficient team, for you are the lion.



Intuitive Knowing

As the lion, you are supremely centered into this moment, now.  You have no regrets over your past and no worries over your future.  You know your own strengths and your talents as well as those of the circle that surrounds you.  You are confident in your ability to know when you should stay where you are and when you should move on, for your intuition is very sharp and you simply know what is best for all of you.  And since you have shown this over and over, your circle understands and respects your choices and allows you to lead them based simply on your intuitive knowing.  You have ability to drop deeply into the moment and then sense the direction of the wind, the clouds, the coming rain.  You are deeply connected to the ways of your world, for you are the lion.


Calm Alertness

As the lion, you treasure your time spent alone, stretched out on the rock, simply being.  You have complete comfort with yourself and who you are.  Time spent alone is like fuel to you, a time to recharge your energy and fill the deep well of peace that is the source of your strength, confidence and courage.  It is the secret that allows you to command with quiet presence alone.  It is also the place where you tap into your intuition.  Your heart is the center of your world and you count on it to tell you exactly what to do.


You live in the ultimate state of calm alertness, deeply aware of what is around you, but completely relaxed until you are called upon to act.  You are restored to your full strength in just a few moments of peaceful rest, for you are the lion.



Endless Reserve

As the lion, nothing is too much for you.  You have endless strength and reserve, enough not only to push yourself to your physical limits, but to convince others to follow you into doing the same.  Your belief in yourself and your knowing heart is so great that you do not hesitate to ask much of others, showing them through your own courage and perseverance how much more they are capable of doing than they thought.  You thus bring out the very best in all those around you, teaching them honor, truth and respect.  You embody all of these traits in everything you do, for you are the lion.



Beauty, Power and Grace

You move with grace, power and ease.  Your personal power is as awesome as your own brand of strong beauty.  You know your beauty, inside and out, and are proud to display it for the world to appreciate.  All that you are, you allow others to see and it is this ability to allow your inner truth to shine out that contributes greatly to your magnificence.  You are power and beauty combined, for you are the lion.





Let lion confidence fill you as you deal with others.  Move always from a center of truth and power, knowing and loving who you are in each moment.  Enjoy the lion ease with leadership, as you develop the personal presence that commands quiet respect.  Enjoy being your magnificent self, expressive and impressive, deeply in tune with your courageous and valiant heart.  You are the lion.


Lion Invocation

The Lion Invocation was developed specifically to maximize the energy of the lion within you.  It clears your energy field, invites (invokes) the spirit of the lion to fill you and then joins you together.  Listen to it each morning, while holding your Lion Energy Stone. 


Listen to it just before that challenging event.  Let it move you ever closer to the vibrant energy of the lion. 


You may download it immediately from a link on the "Thank You" page after your purchase; you will also receive an email with the link to the MP3 download. 



Click here to listen to a sample invocation

Lion Energy Stone

The Lion Energy Stone is not only beautiful, but is full of powerful lion energy.  Each stone was hand-engraved in the United States with the image of the lion and its primary characteristics.   Keep the Lion Energy Stone in a prominent place to remind you of how powerful you truly are.  Just put your hand on it and breathe in to fill yourself with the energy of the lion.


"I have personally performed an energy-transfer ceremony on each Power Animal Energy Stone. 

It holds the vibrant energy of the power animal to refill and refresh your own."  Carrie Hart


Please note that these are natural stones and so vary in size, shape and color -- no two are alike.  They are approximately 3.5 - 4 inches in diameter and weigh about 1 - 1.5 pounds.  We will select just the right stone for you.   Click here to see a larger image. 

   $28 (plus shipping and handling)


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